Neo Carbon Lefty 1 vs Carbon 2

Sorry Deacon Blues, now I checked more closely doing a search of previous threads. I see you did consider the Hill Eater Galiano Phaserunner SE, but decided on Watt Wagons superbike. Now I'm looking into getting my first e-bike. The Hill Eater bike was on my list, but ultimately decided against it. Certainly interested in Watt Wagons e-bikes, but it's out of my price range.

Chris McDonald

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Just wanted to thank you for your input. Have about 300 miles on my Carbon 2 and its is the perfect bike for me. Most of my riding in riding around Lake Sammamish (East of Seattle). 2/3 pavement, 1/3 gravel and I can do the 28 mile loop in 1:12 with a grin on my face the whole time. Last mile is a hill with 1k elevation raise and where I hit sport mode ;). I've taken this rough gravel and even hard single track and its worked great. Just did a 17 mile loop in Chelan - 3,000 foot climb on fire road and then steep single track down the ridge line. This is where the lefty would shine but have the redshift which gives me 20mm of travel and love the 2X option as I always have the right gear option. Bottom line is the bike takes me everywhere I point it. Half way done accesorizing and should be done with wired light and full redshift suspension upgrades by this weekend.


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