Neo Warranty Extension


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One thing I did find a tad bizarre. When I registered the Carbon and the Cross I noticed that the warranty period on workmanship and the battery were increased if you registered online????? Since I did register online I will get a better warranty. Not sure if people buying Easy Motion bikes realize this, but it is certainly worth noting. Don't remeber if it was mentioned in any of the reviews I read.

Court J.

Ravi Kempaiah

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That's right.
2 years on battery and motor. (Very good and Stromer is the only company offering 3 year on their battery)
5 years on the bike.


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Good call flymeaway, they do offer the increased 5 year in addition to the standard 2 (which holds for the Lithium battery packs). I've been trying to add more details like this to reviews going forward. Appreciate you highlighting it here and also for the link Trinity!

Ravi Kempaiah

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Just an addendum:

The whole bike with the motor is warranted for 5 years.
Battery - only 2 years.
Confirmed it with a rep last week.

Ravi Kempaiah

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Do you automatically get the 5 years or have to do the online registration thing Ravi?

Hi Court,

One needs to register online and enter the info of purchase (date, dealership etc) and only then warranty gets extended. I was happy to hear that bike/motor is warranted for 5 years if you do this.