Nero Controller Advance Settings - Password and Instructions

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Basic Settings:

1.) You can enter the settings menu by double clicking the "Mode" button. You'll know you're in when a P1 shows up on the screen, with a numerical value underneath it.

2.) To edit the setting, click the "Mode" button once, and the numerical value should start flashing.

3.) Use the plus button to increase and minus button to decrease the value.

4.) Once you've set it to your preferred value, click the mode button again to exit editing mode and the number should stop flashing.

5.) If you are not in editing mode, you can use the plus and minus buttons to navigate through the different settings (P1-P4, A05).

P1: Backlight Brightness (1-5)
P2: Automatic Shutdown Time (1-9)
P3: Mph/Kph (0-1)
P4: Manual/Automatic Switching (0-1)
A05: Advanced Menu Settings (See below)

Advanced Settings:

1.) At the end you will find the option to enter the advanced settings menu. The password to enter is 1801.

A1: Voltage Choices (24-72)
A2: Assistance Gear Selection (# of PAS levels)(3,5,6,9)
A3 Speed Limiting (15-41kph)
A4: Current Limiting (15-45)
A5 Wheel Size (16-700c)
ect...(nothing much of interest A6-A9)