Nero Winter Ride Report

It is a balmy 19 (12 with wind chill) degrees here in Madison, WI. I thought I would post on winter riding.

Range - started at 94% battery level ended at 48% and went 15.1 miles. Mostly in PAS 1 or 2. Had some stretch of PAS 3 on a clearer section of bike lane. I don't trust the battery level on the display (need to do a fully charged to fully discharged range test). It is not 'continuous'. It drops in chunks. Started at 94%, then dropped to 88% then 76%, etc....

Traction - I have never driven a fat tire bike in the snow/ice. I was impressed and got more confident as I went. Started in PAS 1 at ~9 mph. by the end I was in PAS2 at ~14 going over ice and snow

Surface Condition - attached a photo of the trail to give an idea. Trails were plowed, but still had a lot of ice/snow cover.

Fun - loads of fun. Having something extra to do in winter is always a plus. Then factor in 2020 and I am even more grateful.


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As an aside, and just out of curiosity, what Pixel phone do you have? (Downloaded the pic and tried looking in the metadata but no bueno). Thanks.
Was about 25 degrees today. I rode with higher level PAS today. This impacted the range and speed

Distance 22 miles

Battery started at 94% ended at 21%

Performance - average speed was 16 mph. However, when I started PAS was around 22 mph with me pedaling. At the end PAS 4 was 15 - 17 mph with me pedaling..... my internal motor was probably lower too ;-)

I am hoping for more range in the summer time.

I also purchased some bar mitts that help with the cold...


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Test battery cover
Tested my 19.2V battery this week around -5C without chilling wind factor. After 23 km in Snow Fatbike trails in Quebec, it was at 32%. Next days(3), same place, same conditions I put over a 6mm neoprene cover home made with velcros. After 68 km it was at 41%. this morning 35 km and it indicates 77%. so the efficiency is really there during cold days. The dammed snow fat trails are often hilly at this place; between 5-30%.


Great looking bike! I might have to get one to replace my radrunner after my wife's Flow finally arrives.