Never Again Piaggio Wi-bike


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While I loved the bike and was sad it was recalled I will never deal with them again.

The good news they offered a full refund including dealer prep and shipping.

The bad news is their customer service people are like the keystone cops.

I chased them for a month to make one phone call to a local dealer so I could return the bike, they never made the call.
Calls to the Director who sent me the original recall notice were never answered.

Finally I shipped it myself back to the NYC dealer in frustration.

They said they would pay all the shipping costs.

I gave them my address which was on the invoice and they confirmed back the wrong address and zip.
I told the customer service rep that she neded to fix the house number and the zip code. She said she did; (NOT!).
I also sent 3 invoices the original bike invoice , the cost to have a local BS box it up, and the UPS cost to ship.
They had to add 3 numbers to cut me a check.
They couldn't even do that right. They shorted me $44 and change.
I let them know and got zero response.

Amazingly the Post office sent me the check with the wrong house number and wrong zip, go figure :)

Well I suppose $44 for 9 months of use on a $4k bike is okay.

As you can see from my Avatar I replaced it with a R&M Nevo Nuvinci GH :D
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