New 2015 Haibike Xduro Trekking Pro has a creak in cranks. Any ideas how to fix?

I just got a new 2015 Haibike Xduro Trekking Pro and it has a creak - appears to be in the cranks. Any ideas how to fix this? I took it back to the bike store 5 days ago and they said this is common and tightened a bolt. It stopped creaking for one day, then started again. The creaking is worst on pull-off from stop. The shop says creaking is normal; however I have had a Pedelec crank drive motor before and never heard a single creak. I am very worried that I have paid a lot of money for a damaged bike/some kind of lemon. Of course, Bosch claims all their motors are perfect - but then why does my bike sound like it is 50 years old?

The bike is in the shop again now. Somebody suggested lube the threads of the BB collars with grease and then re-torque them.

Any ideas will be appreciated!



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Common to get dirt/grit in the cranks and it makes them creak. Shop is um, not too good.
The need to be removed and cleaned.
Creak should stop. ;)

(my Stromer is doing the same thing now)


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I had this same issue on my Trekking Pro one month after I purchased it. I took it to the shop and they had to disassemble the whole motor and re-lubed/re-torqued the BB bolts. It took two visits to the shop. I had the same issue in the first visit - it stopped creaking for just one day. During the second visit they even had to called Bosch. I have probably ridden 70-80 miles after the second visit and is no longer creaking.

You always try to take the bike to another shop - there should be more than one Haibike/Bosch shop in Vancouver.

Hope this helps.

Love your blog, btw! It is one of the blogs I read since I started riding my bike to work.
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There are a couple of different steps for the Trekking and 29er frames. Definitely re-torque bolts from the motor. It can be misleading for shops as Bosch applies silcone over the holes.
Just as a preventative measure, and as required by Bosch prior to warranting a motor, use the Bosch dampening material.
Lastly, hydroformed frames acoustically are hard to work with as sounds that come from your crank area sometime travel from elsewhere on the frame. Using something like JP Weigles framesaver and prepping the inside of the frame/internal weld joints also assists in quieting sounds.