NEW 2015 Prodeco Phantom XR


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The New 2015 Prodeco Phantom XR

So, what do you all think?

Shea N Encinitas

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I think there is still hope to balance these notoriously tail heavy bikes and the down tube battery will surely help, now to tweak that seat tube angle a bit more FWD, tapered front fork, etc. -S


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Shea, good point. I agree, the down tube battery will greatly improve the bikes functionality for most people. The seat tube angle is fine with me, many bikes have this same geometry. I'm fairly tall (6'-2") with a long reach and prefer the "stretched" geometry. It shifts your weight towards the rear tire but with the relocation of the battery and complete change in the down tube it may work out good. We shall see... Specs are to be released soon, this photo was released as a teaser to get some buzz going I suspect.

Shea N Encinitas

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this photo was released as a teaser to get some buzz going I suspect.
That explains why I was unable to look up the component group/specs. BTW - I may test ride an ST1 Elite tomorrow, I'm pretty happy with my Dash's weight and speed but the pedal assist is kinda wonky so why not look around, demo bikes, etc. The Stromer is supposed to have nice PAS, although I would probably do well to wait for the rich folks down in La Jolla to trade in their Platinum's for ST-Tooz in March. -S


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I think it looks great. Makes me wish I had held off on my purchase.

arourke, if you wait for the next best thing you will always be waiting not riding! Think about all you've done with the bike you have... You will use this one up and the next one you get will blow away anything available today. I have an early 1980's road bike, a 2000's hybrid and a 2014 e-bike, and I know there will be more great bikes in my future that will put all three to shame. I just want to be done with what I have or just add to them.


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J.R., your right and honestly the only thing I don't like about my bike is having the battery in the back. I wonder if the new design is going to drive the price up.


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Hi Manny, nice bike! Give us some words and pics when you get up and running. The saddle that comes with the bike is a very good $45.00 Velo saddle. It's black with bold red stitching that should match the bike well. You may want to give it a try before replacing.

Good luck with your new ride and welcome!


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Thanks for the heads-up regarding the saddle. I will definitely try it first.
I was about to order another saddle by Bell ( I thought I may need this memory foam saddle because I am planning of using this bike for work, over 50%. 4 miles one way, with 2miles of 10-12% grade climb going to work. NO uphill climb riding back home.
I just received a call from Prodeco. It just got shipped, and should be here by Thursday or Friday, FedEx.
I got this bike so I don't have to do ellipticals anymore at the gym. My plan: After breakfast, bike to the gym (lift & swim), - bike to work - bike home.
I never planned of biking to work before, because I don't want to get to work all sweaty.
Gas price here in California is so expensive, so this will save me some $s too.
I will take some pictures and share my opinion regarding the bike. It might be a bias opinion, since I have never owned an eBike before.

I'm also glad that Prodeco is now using the 18650 batteries, and it seems that this is the way to go type of battery as I listen to this guy (@24:30) :
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Ann M.

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Excellent @Manny ! I've been waiting for Prodeco Tech to get the down tube batteries in production. The design with the battery in the rear is somewhat unwieldy so your ebike is going to handle much better. Looking forward to pics and feed back on your new bike!

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While I am not a fan of the Prodeco products, I will tell you that they represent the sweet spot in the market. Decent componentry with good build and middle of the road performance. They represent a solid value proposition and are designed to satisfy the fat portion of the emerging non-cyclist market. If your riding style leans towards comfortable and practical, this is a good buy.

George S.

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I have an X3. It isn't ideal on a 12% grade, but I notice the new "R" is a geared hub. That should help, along with the 600 watt motor. I can pull 700 watts with the basic hub rated at 500 watts.

It's a pretty complete bike if it will handle your hills comfortably. Doubly so if it is a bit more nimble with weight off the rear. The geared hub is probably lighter, as well. On mine, the brakes have been flawless and I've never adjusted the derailleur. The big battery is absolutely the way to do things.

Ravi Kempaiah

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I'm new to this forum and new to ebikes. I'm considering this (new?) Phantom model by Prodeco: Anybody have any info on it? Does it seem like an improvement on previous Phantoms?

I'd be using it for occasional rides of 40-50 miles in and around NYC. I'd like to use it mainly as an assist on hills. (Don't mind sweating.)



That's an old design.
Go with non-foldable frame. Ebikes demand stiffer frames. Also, 16Ah LiFePo4 is the way to go.
I think you should look at Prodeco X3. It's impossible to get 40-50 miles on this bike (6Ah) on a single charge.


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I received a message from FedEx yesterday about the delivery, which requires signature.
So I took a day off today, I checked my FedEx Tracking.
I left my front door open and my garage door open so the driver would know I'm home.
On my Tablet:
- 7:20 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery.
- Then...
- 1:45 pm Delivery exception, Customer not available or business closed

I was home the whole time.
No knocking, no doorbell, no door tag, & no truck came. So I called the dispatch station immediately, (15 minutes after 1:45PM). she said she will try to contact the truck driver, but never called me back.

Looks like the truck driver attempted to deliver to a wrong house.
I verified the address, it was correct as shows on the system.
Customer service said that the driver left a door tag with door tag#.
Obviously, if he did, not on my door, not my house.

Have to call in sick AGAIN tomorrow :(.


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I finally got the bike today.
I'm very satisfied & happy with it.
Install the pedals, handle bar, and the front wheel (quick release), is all it took to assemble this bike.

- Out of the box, the battery shows 3 bars (four means full)
- It came with some tools, necessary to install the parts I mentioned above.

I also installed a 2015 SIGMA BC 8.12 BLACK WIRELESS Bike Computer Speedometer. I set the wheel size to 2058mm during calibration set-up. Speed display shows same as my phone's GPS read-out while riding the bike. The wireless SIGMA worked flawless!

I weigh 155lbs. At full throttle it maintained a top speed of 19-20mph on a flat road. I was able to test on an uphill grade (1/5 mile stretch). I stopped at the bottom of the hill, then, full throttle. WOW, it maintained a speed of 15mph without the use of the pedal, all the way to the top. I take my regular mountain bike to this hill. It's not very steep, but it's not very easy either.


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