New 2020 Haibike Trekking Yamaha PW-ST Motor Cuts Out, Other Minor Issues

I have yet to make a full thread for my bike, because I keep running into random issues lol.

The latest: as I've been riding around testing out seat heights, different saddles, etc, I've noticed that the motor keeps cutting out. I will be riding and then suddenly the display turns off, assist stops, and I get a soft "clunk" from the pedals/cranks, telling me that the motor stopped engaging with the cranks.

Not sure what's happening. I took it on a 1 mile "loop" today and had 5 cutouts. It happens at all assist levels, on smooth ground, and both when turning and while riding in a straight line. I took the battery out, cleaned all connections, checked the charge, etc - everything appears to be working, but it keeps randomly shutting off mid-pedal, and I can't find a set of circumstances that reliably replicates the issue. Odometer is at 5 miles; bummer to have this happening right away on a new bike.

2 other misc issues:
  • rear wheel is slightly out of alignment (likely needs to be re-dished/spokes adjusted since it's all good in the dropouts)
  • handlebars are slightly off-center compared to the front wheel (i.e. front wheel angles slightly left when handlebars are dead-forward)

I really love how the bike feels and runs...when it's working. I've opened a warranty claim with Haibike. Fingers crossed.


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hope you get it worked out soon, weird issues and cannot believe a new haibike is like that

keep us up to date
What display does this bike have? Is it the removable one?

it's the Yamaha Type A display. I bought it online, emailed them on Tuesday morning with no response as of yet.

Update: took out the motor, checked all connections, put it back. It's working better with less cutouts now. Makes me think things are loose in a few places. Going to try using some conductivity gel on all connectors and foam taping all the wires/connectors to the frame. Bummer to have to do this on a new bike. Both Haibike USA and Crazy Lennys have been radio silent since Monday of this week.


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Hate to say it but CrazyLenny was of no help to me on a warranty issue unless I was willing to bring in the bike.
I got no response to emails, or filing out their service form online. I had to call to get any response.