new 24"Interceptor


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I live in Madison, just bought the ebike just over a week ago. I'm waiting for it to arrive.
I bought an Evo street a year ago, but i had an issue... I'm 5'4", and couldn't stabilize/stop with my feet on the ground, while still sitting. I almost bought the Interceptor a year ago, so it was an easy choice.

A big error on the part of the bike manufacturers, many women are my size. men too.


Ann M.

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I'm 5'4'' too and found that a slightly smaller 24" wheel made for a super comfortable fit with handling like a larger wheel bike. Did a BionX conversion on a custom folding bike with skinny tires...keeps me happy as I'm sure the Interceptor does for you! :)


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Hi Ann,

Thank you
I have a lot of trouble with arthritis and degenerative disc. I haven't been able to do much "real" exercise. I had alot of trouble with coming to a stop (Evo).
I fellover on the street!
The softer ride will help, and changeable handle bars will be really help with arthritic wrists and thumbs.
I was very athletic when I was younger, I am looking fwd to moving!
As you well know the feeling!

Deacon Blues

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I've fallen over 5 times in the last two months. My balance is fine, it's those damn clip in pedals I have on my road bike.
I'm finally getting smart and unclip both sides when I think there's a stop coming up soon. One time I only unlcipped one side and then fell over on the other side. :confused:
I still have the clip ins on my road bike, but I've taken them off my Ridgerider.

Good luck on the riding.

Deacon Blues

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Yes, we will both officially be senior citizens in less than a month. :p

I plan on going for a 65 kilometer (40 miles) bike ride on my birthday.....unless it's raining.
One kilometer for every year.


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The 24” interceptor is wonderful. I got one for my daughter who is 4’10”, and it’s great for her and will always be a good fit.

Bruce Arnold

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My wife tried one out this weekend. Her CIty Commuter has 26 in. wheels. She likes the 24 incher fairly well, but not better. One thing we noticed, the 24 inch Interceptor is way lighter than her City Commuter!