New 700


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Decided it was time for my wife and I to jump into eBikes (hers is an Aventon Pace 500, mine a R1U 700). Just sharing a few thoughts on the 700:

The 700 arrived right on time - box was pretty banged up at the steer tube end but the packaging around the bike in that area was excellent and there was no noticeable damage.

Assembly was very straightforward - having assembled a few bikes over the years I thought it was easy. I opted not to install the rack and fenders for now - think of this as the Ride1Up 700 "Superleggera" (an inside joke for the Italian car fans out there - there's nothing light about a 60+ lb bike). The only downside to that approach is I need to find a way to mount the taillight since that normally mounts up to the rack - and I needed some extra washers to mount the headlight since the bolt was longer than needed without the front fender.

All the components seemed to be as described - with a few exceptions...the seatpost is "Project UNO", but it seems totally fine. I also noticed the wiring is a bit different - where most pics and vids show the wiring going into both the left and right sides of the frame, mine only goes to the left side. The right side of the frame is free of any wiring - very clean, and a nice job of cable management by R1U.

I also noticed the motor is labeled "RM G040.500.DC 10 1" which Bafang's site lists as a 500W, not a 750W - R1U says it's 750W continuous and their pre-sales support confirmed that. Noise is minimal. There is definitely some "cadence lag" when the power comes on, but I understand there are some settings I can tweak via the display to manage that. Also need to index that derailleur - it shifts fine but I can hear/feel some chain clatter through the pedals in some gears.

I haven't put a ton of miles on it yet - early impressions are it handles well given it's weight, and the brakes are solid. So far I REALLY like the Schwalbes.

My wife's Aventon is a different story - the battery won't latch in the frame so she's going nowhere at the moment.


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I have a 700, one year old. The lag I notice most is when changing PAS levels. You can't change that delay in the settings. So, if I'm in PAS 0 and change to PAS 1, it take a few seconds for the power to kick in, and similar or same delay changing from PAS 1 to PAS 2, etc., so I've gotten to where I change it a little earlier than I otherwise would.