New Base Turbo has arrived - first commute observations


Ordered on Monday - picked up Saturday, quick stroll home - strip the cockpit from "required by law" equipment and took it on my daily commute route


Bike: 2016 Base Turbo XL
Distance: 22.4miles
Moving Time: 1:13:11
Elapsed Time: 1:21:07 (stop lights)
Avg Speed: 18.4mph (major head wind)
Assist: 100% Turbo (used regen to brake 4 times on steep descents)
Battery Start: 98%
Battery End: 28%
Rider: 6'4" ~240lbs
Conditions: mostly flat Austin TX with few challenging climbs, I have done this route on my regular commuter before (700x28 cross bike with rack and panniers) and it would take me almost 2h

needless to say - I am VERY IMPRESSED!

oh - and I took the train back as it was already dark, but am very happy with the headlight - don't think I'll be going with anything additional, knog blinder on the rear is a must though!

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I've had similar results with a 20 mile commute and you still get your exercise. The Turbo saves about 30 minutes each way and feels more like a ten mile ride. I saw this on a local dealers web site

I later found the discussion in the Stromer forum with a link to the same article. The author used a Stromer and Focus for the comparisons. Since I don't normally look at that forum I did not see it until I searched for it later:


funny you mention that blog post - that Adam guy (I'm also Adam) lives 0.5mile away from me and has the exact same commute as mine now ... his blog and data had a huge part in my e-bike interest spike