New Battery for Europa?

Ruth Thomson

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I have a Europa electric bike that has served well for 6-7 years. Its battery has finally given up as far as I can tell. This bike appears to have been made by A2B bikes. Does anyone know how I can get a new battery? I am not super technically competent and am not sure I can safely rebuild the LiPo battery! Any help would be so much appreciated, I can't bear to send the Europa to the junk yard!



I hope something on their site can help you locate a new battery! It would be a sad day to send it to bike heaven!

Hello Ruth...I have a couple of the Ultra Motors (Tres Terra) Europa ebikes. I did the easy route and eliminated the battery box and wired and soldered bullet connectors and then purchased two Hobby King Nano Tech batteries in one 5s (18.5v)/8ah and the other in a 6s (22.2v)/8ah battery. These combined make a 11s 46.2v/8ah battery for increased top end speed. You will too need to order a charger. If you need more range you can make another exact pack and hook them in parallel for a 46.2v/16ah pack that sits easily in the battery compartment.

I'm in Southern Cali. Were are you located?

Ann M.

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@kauaikit , like your suggestion with the Europa! Got a couple of those in Austin needing the battery job. Would really appreciate if you'd post a few detailed pics of your setup, wiring harness, connection to charger port and the connectors you used for a general overview. Folks who are interested in doing this, realize that this set up is designed for a system that was originally 36V Lithium, not meant for a 24V system. Always appreciate keeping the e-wheels rolling.
We bought this bike used recently for my legally blind (but sees well enough for this) husband to use for work. He doesn't have to go very far but it's too far to walk. We purchased it for $400 and have already put nearly $100 in it. The guy sold it to us convincing us (we are stupid for believing him) that it would charge fully. He barely could go up and down the street. He had hooked up 3 12 volt acid batteries to it but was charging it with the original lithium battery we brought the batteries to a bike shop and had them tested and they said they were good so we ordered the proper charger but it doesn't hold a charge. I am wondering if this bike is only going to take Lithium Batteries due to the computer programming in it or what to do.
We are a pretty low income family that manages well on what we have but we really can't afford to lose $500 and just start over...and I'm pregnant and we really have to get this issue resolved as soon as possible so I really need help. He has to leave for work at 4:30 am and it's getting more and more difficult to take him (I'm on modified bed rest and I don't fit so well in the car to drive- not to mention I hate leaving our other children at home to drive him even though they are old enough for a short time)...but once the baby is born I really really can't be waking her up to take him etc. and it would be difficult to time things out many issues..just hoping someone can help us figure this out. We both feel like idiots trusting this man and buying this bike.


Caressa...sounds like you paid around $300 to much for this discontinued Tres Terra Europa with it's underpowered (low torque) and noisy 235 watt gear/brushed heinzmann Euro speced rear hub.

NEVER go with SLA batteries. Much to heavy/voltage lag/don't last.

You can have someone qualified to replace the original lithium cells, with 18650 cells, in the original battery box. I'd suggest Luna cycle in S. California. Cost around $350.

Contact Mark (310)687-8314, or even Eric (owner) and explain your situation and what you need.

These Europa's use a 36v (42v charged) lithium battery pack, though you can go to 46v (charged) for a bit more top end speed with the stock controller, but you will need a special 46v charger to match.