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Hers Benelli Classica and His Eflow Nitro


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Bike looks a treat! A decided Euro look. What's your opinion of the bike's brakes at speed? Should make maintenance inexpensive and convenient.


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Well they are not as good as my Eflow E3 Nitro but they work fine and the brakes have motor cutoff switches. Not sure about the rear brake not familiar with this type.
I test rode it before I bought it so I could compare it to mine and for $1900 with all the features it has it was a good value, plus the cockpit is very easy to use, thumb throttle, twist shifter and internally geared rear cassette/hub
It also was one of the few that was small enough with all of these features. Since my wife is 5"2".

Ann M.

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Yeah, those Shimano Nexus roller brakes are a little softer feeling but ok. When you get to the point that you can't get them snug anymore, it's time to add a good dollop of a special roller brake grease that Shimano makes just for those brakes. There's a small port on the side of the brake with a rubber cover that you remove to add the grease. Sheldon Brown has a really extensive explanation of how these brakes work and the maintenance.
Found a straightforward Youtube video about the adjustment; it's pretty simple to do.

What are her thoughts about the Benelli now that she's had it a while?


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She loves the bike, it took a while to adjust the seat and handlebars for her as she is petite.

When I adjusted the handlebars stem to bring it closer to her I did not notice for a while that they then had a downward slant.
This had 2 impacts her hands were bent so they hurt after a long ride and it made the front end unsteady.
I noted she was not very confident and she told me the bike was wobbly in the front so I got on and rode an noticed if I was upright it was okay but if the weight was on that bar then it was wobbly.
As a result it as was quite unsteady and she was not confident and was always lagging behind.
I thought about it and was examining the handlebar when I noticed the downward pitch, so I rotating them up making them 3 or 4 inches closer, now she is not unsteady.
Now she turned into a little demon and I was having trouble keeping up with her on my Eflow Nitro LOL.
Initially She was afraid to use the throttle at all. Now she uses it once in a while and is fearless.
I had to tell her to slow down a bit on a windy trail. She absolutely loves it and now wants to bike every weekend. Personally I don't care for the cadence sensor .
Both of my ebikes have torque sensors.
Thanks for the tip on the brakes and video link.