New brake pads don't stop that well

I had new brake pads installed front and rear. Brake system is Shimano Deore BR-M6000. Pads used were Ashima semi-metalic AD0102-SM-S. The pads came with new spring clips.

The new pads are not near as grippy as the old. In fact they feel about like the old ones did when they were worn down to the nub. I need to squeeze the brake handles pretty hard to get the bike to stop quickly and firmly. Also, on the disc there was a slight brown sheen which I wiped off with a clean cloth.

Is this "normal" for semi-metalic pads? Or does it sound like they need to be adjusted tighter? Going down steep hills I can slow the bike enough to be safe, but there's just less grip than I had before the new pads.


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I sold off a pickup because it had semi-metallic fronts & asbestos rear shoes. Would spin without hesitation when braking in the rain. The new owner told me about the solution years later.
It is hard to buy non semi-metallic pads. I found some on ebay for the shimano pattern, but among the hundreds of pads at pro shops like there is no material description. (or dimensions either, which is why I bought ebay. $8 wasted is not as bad as $10 for modern pads plus a $8 box to mail them in).
Asbestos went the way of the passenger pidgeon. I think the new grippy compound is called organic or something. Like I say the ebay specials had no description, just a big picture.


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Is there any chance that the disc pads got contaminated with something? If you had to wipe off a brown substance did it get better? I would tempted to get some brake cleaner and using a paper wipe, spray some on the wipe and clean the disc surface. I replaced my disc pads with a non Shimano part from AHL semi metallic and they are great. Good stopping power.
I've got to take the bike in for some fine-tuning. Gears are jumping and shifting by themselves. I wiped down the discs and they're ok. Part of the issue the brake handles need adjusted.
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Loosen the caliper mounts, squeeze and hold the brake lever while you tighten the caliper back down. This should center the caliper and improve the braking.


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New brake pads will feel mushy in less effective when first installed. Brakes need to be worn in by going down a steep hill and pulsing the brakes multiple times. Get going fast, slow down hard for two seconds, release the brake lever, repeat six or seven times.


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This happened to me.

Something like Shimano resin pads feel grippy right away.

However every time I get a metallic or sintered pad, it does take some time to "bed in" to get grippy.