New carbon fiber electric bike costs under $1k


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A very impressive price point for a carbon folder... and the OEM company has a track record. ;)

The carbon fiber Morfuns Éole folding electric bicycle has just been launched for pre-order. And the bike comes in at one of the lowest price points we’ve ever seen for a carbon fiber e-bike.
There are actually two versions of the bike known as the Éole C and Éole S. The former is priced at just $999, while the the latter comes with higher spec components and starts at $1,259.
That’s pretty darn cheap, especially considering other carbon fiber e-bikes we’ve seen can cost as much as four times those prices.

Both of the models are folding e-bikes with 20″ wheels, and both employ a seat post battery like we’ve seen in other recently launched folding e-bikes. Unlike those other companies, Morfuns claims to be one of the first to have developed a folding e-bike with a seat post battery, with their first version dating back as far as 2016. As usual, we rarely cover crowdfunding campaigns unless we’ve been able to test the product ourselves first or the company already has a reputable history (fly-by-night startups need not apply). In this case, Morfuns has a 5 year history as an OEM supplier, meaning they know their way around e-bike production.


Ravi Kempaiah

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That is a very impressive price point, considering the manual labor involved in building a CF frame.

I would not even try this frame.
Producing a high-quality carbon frame is very labor-intensive, requires precision tooling/molds, and costs a lot of money.
Nobody wants to break their leg like this guy. I know you can't do wheelies on this particular folding bike but folding bikes have more weak points for crack initiation.