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I've had ebikes for several years. I first bought, serially, three Prodecos. All three batteries and one motor have now failed. 2 24v and 1 36v. So, I seek a source of replacement batteries. The motor I replaced with a conversion kit; that worked out well.

I recently bought my 4th, a 36v bike out of China. It seems to work well and be a good value.


Welcome mckemie,what kind of mileage did you get from the failed batteries? how long were they in service?


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@mckemie , welcome to EBR! I've had to repair or ship to Prodeco a couple of their 36V & 48V batteries but they were all fixable. Fortunately, the newer Samsung batteries seem to not have the wiring issues like the earlier ones did. Please do share some pics of your bikes and where you ride! BTW, I'm just outside Austin and the rain has been incredible over the last 4 days...really good for the trees.