New controller install and test - Pace 500


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Wow. That description matches about what I see with the Aventon as far as going slower than a given speed on a PAS level goes
See my posts above and read the rest of that thread rather than a snippet from a single post. That copy/paste was referring to an older model 700. The reason why it took so much effort to go an extra mile per hour wasn't because of the additional power a bike requires to go another mph faster, but rather, it was because the speed based assist on the older model dropped power when trying to ride faster, shifting most of that burden to the rider. The newer gen 700 (like mine) works completely different. The bike display shows the power output at all times, and it maintains pretty constant wattage in a given PAS level, and I can pedal harder and to a faster speed, and the bike will still maintain the same power assist, so it's easy to ride a few mph faster because the power no longer drops down when hitting a certain speed limit (except the legal 28 mph limit). This was an intentional change as the owner of Ride1Up explained in an interview last summer. Personally, I really like the power based assist compared to the speed based assist for my type of riding, more natural response, being able to pedal to a faster speed without a specific speed limit reducing power, excellent efficiency and range, easy to match speed with other riders, and get as much exercise as I want.

I had hoped Aventon and Espin with their new controllers would make the move from speed based to power based PAS as Ride1Up did. I bookmarked this interview video to the point it's mentioned.

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My mistake. I did just read the user review and not the follow up posts. Sounds like they’ve made a good change.