New DB Overdrive range discrepancy?

Darrin Roush

New Member
I have a new Diamondback Overdrive (aka iZip Peak) that I'm concerned there may be a battery issue with. Court's review page indicates that it should have a range of 25-45 miles. My bike is indicating a range of 16-33 miles with a fully changed battery. This is more in line with the iZip Peak range, though they have identical batteries motors, gearing and wheel size (I believe).

I'd like to solicit feedback from anyone who might have either an Overdrive or Peak if they can tell me what estimated range they are seeing on their display with a full battery, for each level. I am seeing 16, 25, 29 and 33 (for Level 4, 3, 2 and 1).

Also, can anyone advise on how to best verify that I don't have a battery issue for this 3 months old bike?

This battery is only operated per the Battery Care Manual recommendations. It has avoided all temperature extremes, has not been stored (since I’ve owned it) and has not had any deep discharges (I always take my charger to the office after only an 11 mile ride).

Thank you!

Electric Bike Review Diamondback Overdrive (25-45 miles range):

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