new Dillenger street legal vs ARC kit?


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I'm looking for an moderately priced ebike kit (under $1000 including battery) to give my wife a boost so she can keep up with me when we ride our road bikes. She's a good rider, just a bit slower than me and she tires sooner. Most rides are 30 miles or less, but I'd lioke tyo extend our range to 50 miles using her own power, just supplemented by the ebike. You have previously reviewed and highly rated the Dillenger 250W 10ah kit and Dillenger now sells its successor for $699. Dillenger also sells a ARC 350w-520w kit for $849 but you have not reviewed them.

Any suggestions on whether we should consider something other than the $699 Dillenger?

Also, she runs 700x23c tires and I am concerned that the rim width may be too wide for hwer road bike. She has a city bike that runs 700x 34 tires. Does anyone know what size rims Dillenger uses?

Darrin Roush

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We installed the arc kit on my son's bike recently. It's been a pretty good kit so far and I opted for it over the standard kit because we wanted to increase the quality. It has a better controller and a much longer warranty that's the main difference as far as I know. The longer warranty is not advertise clearly on the Dillons your site but if you go research park itself you will see that there's a5 year warranty on all components accept the batteries which is only 2 years. Even 2 years is double the battery warranty on the Dillinger kits. The Dillinger kids seem to be good quality but the arc kits are a step up