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I've been racking my brain about buying an E-Bike or using an E-Bike conversion Kit. I know I would save a lot of money with a kit but I'm not sure if its worth it to purchase.
I seen this Video:

But I know I'm not that handy on piecing this together, what do y'all think?
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I think it is not really cheaper in the long run to use a kit. You can buy a retail bike and get a warranty.

john peck

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Done both, kit connections color coded, not that difficult. the motor´s outlasted that of the $2700 bike
from a major company. 2nd ebike purchase cost less than 1/2 what the 1st did & out performs it. If you
can´t afford a lot, have some mechanical aptitude, & a bike you love, go for it. If not research carefully
b4 investing in an ebike. There are some pretty good bikes affordable between $1200 & $1500, even
less but be wary anything under $ 1000. Either way you really should have some basic knowledge
of the way bike mechanics work. If you are a total newbee, there are lots of online tutorials. Better not
to make rookie mistakes on a $5000 bike.
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