New e-Rad Conversion

Chris Head

View attachment 4272 I just fixed everything that wrong or broken with my new bike fat tire e-bike: during assembly, accidently over tightened headset cap and inert vertu ally loosen headset bearings, hydraulic breaks incorrectly installed and not adjusted properly, and finally, a thorn gave me a flat tire on first real test ride. Despite all my set backs, it 100 percent complete, including a upgraded cushiony seat. Next time, I'm I am considering ordering from a dealer's bike store.... l will give it a proper test ride next week, day off....So far, seems a fun bike to ride!!!!
Give me a call Sal. I would like to talk to you about the brakes. 480 382 0665


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Well, I found having that throttle is useful. I use mine after I come out of the brew pub . There is nothing like a good, cold beer on nitro after riding a 25 miler with pedal assist. Just kind of creep on home on the back pathways. It's nice!
Like your bike! Enjoy!


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Hi Biff. Thanks for commenting on this older thread. I'm just wrapping up my second New England season with this bike and I has been completely trouble free. Regarding the throttle I think I've stayed true to my original inclination and have only used it a handful of times in 2 years when I needed a quick burst of power to escape a traffic knot.

I was just singing the praises of electrified bikes to a road rider at a holiday party last night. My standard line is "all of the joy of a bicycle ride with none of the struggle". He was intrigued. I don't see myself going back to a non-powered bicycle for any significant amount of distance, e-bikes are just too much fun.

I did buy my wife a lovely bicycle last xmas with the intention of converting it to electric but so far she is resisting :) Maybe this coming year.

Enjoy your rides as well!