New Ebike adjustments Velotooler recommened


I purchased a new Juiced Ebike approx 4 weeks ago --- I have 150 miles on it and noticed the gears were not switching properly, one time the chain fell off. I called Juiced, they told me that new bikes have a "breakin" period and typically the shifter and derailleur need to be adjusted. Since my LBS was many miles away they gave me a company velotooler that comes to your place. It was great, $27 (plus I tipped him), to adjust shifter, derailleur, tightened the pedals and crank shaft, lubed and cleaned the chain. Just finished a 10 mile ride and it was smooth, barely noticed any sound when shifting. So needless to say, I highly recommend them


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Ya, typically the cables stretch on any bike but particularly with new bikes.
Just turn the barrels anti-clockwise (out) to snug them up is usually all it takes.