New features on FAZUA’s removable electric bike motor system


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A few nice improvements announced to the Fazua system.

FAZUA rolls out third-party support
Among the new features just announced by FAZUA include new Connectivity Software 2.0 that introduces a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection between the motor system and the remote. FAZUA has also made the decision to open compatibility up to a wide range of third party bicycle computers. Riders can now view their e-bike stats directly on third party add-on displays such as those made by navigation device companies like Garmin, wearables, smartwatches, or even smartphones mounted on the handlebars.

The new software update includes standard BLE protocols for Cycling Power Service (CPS) and Cycling Speed & Cadence Service (CSCS). That enables third-party Bluetooth devices to display system-generated data for the rider’s bike power in watts, speed, and cadence.

fazua display bluetooth

Riders can download the Connectivity Software 2.0 as a free download from the App Store and Google Play beginning on June 25th.

New bar-mounted remote
FAZUA’s previous user-control method has used the company’s built-in Remote fX, which was integrated into the frame of the e-bike. Now FAZUA is showing off its new Remote bX, which is a low-profile and unobtrusive controller that can be mounted on the handlebars between the grip and brake lever.

The Remote bX uses a touch interface to select ride modes just like the Remote fX and employs LEDs to indicate battery capacity. The LEDs auto-adjust brightness based on ambient lighting so riders don’t have to struggle to read battery capacity in bright light.


New integration with 12V accessories
Anyone looking to add custom lighting to their e-bike will appreciate FAZUA’s new 12V Connector Box. The company says the 12V Connector Box will enable the use of add-on lights up to 18W that can be controlled via the bike’s remote. The accessory includes multiple cable length options for mounting both front and rear LED lights. It will be available in Mid-July later this summer.