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Hello to all! I purchased my first e-bike in September from a LBS in Lancaster County and am having a blast riding it. I was a regular road and trail rider until a few years ago but with some asthma issues and age catching up to me, getting up the hills made riding just plain unpleasant.
After seeing some photos a friend put on Facebook of riding in the woods on this crazy looking fat tire bike my interest peaked. I was on a mission to ride again.
I chose a Raleigh Route as choices in this area are few. So far I am very pleased with it and I can now get a better idea of what I really want when I make my next purchase.
Only wish I had chosen a better time of the year to start riding again as winter is coming to this area shortly.
So happy to have found this site full of excellent info!

Ann M.

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There's never a better time to start riding again than Right Now, @kathik! Glad you found some ewheels to inspire you to ride. We have a bunch of folks on the Forum who love to ride year round, so with a little extra clothes and different tire pressure for the lighter snow days you can keep on trekking.

Used our Search button (upper right section of every page) and pulled up several posts by members about =7']cold weather riding. The first is by a fellow Pennsylvania ebike rider, J.R., who has some good advice about winter riding. If you dig around some more you'll find posts by others who have special bikes for the snow and winter mush. Welcome to the family :)


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Susquehanna Valley
Welcome @kathik

Ann said it, there's never a bad time to ride, there are tougher days though. I'm hoping for an easy winter, after all the records we broke during that last three winters, we deserve it. You mention Lancaster, do you ever ride the River Trail there? Or maybe the Conowago Rail Trail or York County Heritage Rail Trail? All great trails, the latter is in my back yard.

Enjoy the forum, there's a lot of good people here, with a lot of experience to share.


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The trails I'm most familiar with in this area are the Lancaster-Lebanon Rail Trail and the Schuylkill River Trail from Oaks to Manayunk or into Center City. Years ago I spent a lot of time riding Swatara State Park and Stoney Valley between Goldmine Rd. and Dauphin County. Both of those areas are nice but very remote. Stoney Valley is off limits to bicycles during hunting season. I'm excited to go back and ride some of these areas when the weather is nice. The Conowago Rail Trail is another one on my list of rides in the near future. Since I purchased the e-bike I find myself spending more time on the roads as the hills are not an issue now!


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Greetings kathik, another local Pa rider from across the river. There are a lot of great trails to add to your list in eastern Pa. Lehigh George up in Jim Thorpe, the Perkiomen which connects to the Schuylkill above Valley Forge. The pine creek trail northwest of Williamsport is a must do also, you get the idea. Let us know how your new ebike works out!