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Hi. I've recently retired and have more time on my hands now than I did. I ride two re-vamped road bikes and a stationary bike for recovery, when it rains and in the winter. I also occasionally do my stepper and elliptical. I run, shoot, ride a couple of Yamaha road MCs. I owned a large DJ/Video company for 20 years and worked low level jobs for the rest of my working career. Here to converse about anything and everything and here to learn.

Chris Nolte

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Welcome to the forum! There are several members from PA and many more retirees that have found great excitement in Ebikes.


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Thanks everyone.
I'm actually thinking of two things.
The possibility of EVing my 24" frame LeTour...
And electric recumbents.


The other one is my 20" frame Huffy. I've elevated the seat post and bars to give me more leg extension.