New guy here, need smart/experienced assistance!


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Hello, I'm brand new to the e bike scene. I live in Wisconsin so, my riding season is rather short compared to those of you who live farther south.
I'm around 5'10", 200#.
I have a 2005 Diamondback Coil EX & need your input as to if this bike is worth building on. I'd use it for light woods trails, mainly to commute approx 15miles to work & the same thing back home.
I'm looking at the Bafang 1,000w setup. Is there any additional drag while peddling with the system off? Please feel free to geek out on me with all the info, pro/con, recommendation's, whatever you may come up with! All will be appreciated.
Thanks for your time & helping another clueless new guy :)


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A nice bike in its day, but a difficult frame to hang a battery pack on. I prefer a less aggression riding position for commuting. But if you're comfortable riding 15 miles on the frame it would likely be OK. Again sorting the battery will be the adventure. Many off roaders who do conversions use backpack batteries, but commenting with one? I wouldn't like it. I'd tend to look at a new frame for commenting. A decent hub drive might be the better commuter. I have a BBSHD and am transitioning to geared hub drives. BUT I do no off-road riding.

There's very little drag when pedaling. But once motorized, few ride without some level of assist.

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Give the guys at Lectric Cycles (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) as they sell a ton of ebike kits. Not sure they have what you want but they can give you some good advice.


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Thanks folk's, really!
Honestly I was thinking negatively about my coil ex as a foundation, but (since it was all I had lying around... I figured I'd give it a go!) wanted to hear your more informed opinion. I also have the brand new late wife's Schwen beach cruiser to use as foundation, but find flaws with that plan as well.
Ok - so I need to throw the "light off road & trail" out of the picture. I'm fine with working with a pure commuter setup. I will want! a throttle (getting back into riding haha), and NEED a long range (commute), however I'm also on extreme budget due to recent family issues. So... I need the brightest, most resourceful minds at work on this one for me. PLEASE!? Oh, and yes I am fairly adept - to soaking in all the technical goodness or other's tip's & "hack's", is what I meant to say, basically... Haha!
Have fun & hope to hear from you soon! Oh yes, I do NOT have any bicycle specific tool's required for this. If it helps, I will provide the beer ;).
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Having once sold and supported kit sales, my best suggestion for someone building from a kit is finding a nuetral source not interested in selling a kit or battery. ebikeschool is a fabulous site to first learn about the options. Is your ride hilly, what do you expect for speed. Are you a heavy guy, expect to haul extra weight. Will you charge at work or need a 35 mile battery when you use a lot of throttle. Whats your preference in riding position, and your budget..

Spend some time here....

Maybe buying a finshed bike makes more sense?