New GX Today


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Got my GX today, its busy charging, so far 30% after 1.45 hours, very frustrating not being able to ride.

Got the front paneer, very clever design, good quality product, should be for the price. Seems like it will hold quite a lot of wine, beer and other essentials. Got a handle bar mirror attached. Took very long screw out of GX grip, sawed off the expansion joint on mirror of regular bike. Bright flashing lights back-front and water bottle cage on saddle post.
Set up needed a few repeats before new software would down load, but all good now. Sold a Rad Mini, an excellent product with 2500 miles to get this. Main reason is weight, I take bike on-off a boat over the gunwale on to dock, its a real back killer with a 65lbs bike. GX way under 40, without battery, bag, saddle etc will be a joy. View attachment 46861 Plus it folds up much smaller even leaving front wheel in place. With 5 hex screws + a Star screw x 2 holding the wheels on they are not coming off.View attachment 46862

Will do a range test tomorrow about 30 miles round trip with a huge long hill. Boat is used up in San Juan & Gulf Islands, which are very hilly, but max mileage is about 35-40. As with the Mini I expect to do a lot pedaling and very little throttle.

This is the run I’ll be doing as a test.View attachment 46863 The statsView attachment 46864, if it can survive this on one charge, I‘ll be well satisfied, my ass gives out after 40 miles;-)

Off to Wally world to get a couple of spare 20” x 2.25” tubes, handy because my wife’s Ness eBike takes the same.