New Helmet Technology on Indiegogo


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I just preordered one of these helmets on Indiegogo:

It seems like a whole new approach to helmet comfort, style and safety. I especially like that it will protect your head even from lower force impacts and also can be used over and over again. This removes any concerns about whether your helmet is still good after a smaller bump to the noggin. It even folds up into a small package!



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Not one for me. No means of attaching a peak, and not enough vents to keep things cool.


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There's a lot of claims made on the IGG campaign about safety and testing but no certifications of the helmet for suitability as a crash helmet. There are a lot of helmets available on the internet and many are classed as novelty helmets. I'm not saying this helmet is a novelty helmet, but the campaign states it won't be tested and classed until after funding, at this point it's unknown.

From the campaign:

What's next? Why we need you!

This has been a huge undertaking for us. As a team we have already invested a substantial amount to bring us to pre-production.

The HeadKayse helmet is awesome and we love it. We know you will too, we now need your help for a final push to get the product launched:

· Final production tweaks and detailing

· Setting up our UK production

· Establish shipping, logistics and warehousing partnerships

· Mass production tooling for the helmet

· Final approval in accordance to all world safety standards from production units.

Testing and certification information:

Paul E.

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I'm very skeptical. They say that the rigidity of normal helmets means a small knock passes the energy straight to your skull: so what if it does? What about a big knock? I'd rather have the energy pass to my whole skull than just a small part of it. When it comes to skulls, it's better to shake than break.