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I noticed my helmet had a couple of cracks in it so I decided to pick up a replacement. Got a Bontrager Solstice MIPS. Feels quite comfortable and I hope I never need to test it out. Took a look at my old helmet before I tossed it and the sticker said 1994. 22 years not bad, if the new one lasts even a fraction of that it may be the last helmet I ever buy.


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EBR isn't helmet crazy. Betcha at least one person will tell you it isn't necessary.

Not me, though. It protects my head from the sun. :D
Of course a helmet isn't necessary - until you fall off and hit your head, or a car pulls out in front of you (had at least 3 near misses like that this year alone).


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My wife has had first hand experience of how important a helmet is regardless of cycling you are doing. She was riding on sealed cycle path at 7-8mph, drifted of path slightly and front wheel caught edge when she tried get back on. Next thing she knew was on ground , dazed with massive bruising on cheek and around eye (black eye took weeks to disappear). Luckily the new tight fitting helmet protected side of her head and temple.
If she had been wear the old poor fitting helmet the outcome could be a lot worse.


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Looks like an appropriate thread to post this in. Probably some of you got Trek's email last week about the release of their Bontrager Wavecell helmets. I picked up the commuter version today (e-bike rated they claim). It has a light mount on the back compatible with their rechargeable tail lights. Fit is great (medium for me). Not sure about their marketing claims of 48X less like to get a concussion vs other helmets. Now I have way too many helmets: Kali Protectives City; Bell Annex MIPS; Abus Pedelec Plus (1st gen). Thinking of donating one or two to local charity (provides bikes to kids). I got the Bontrager in the hi-viz green as all my other commuter helmets are black with reflective elements.



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I've been over the handlebars 5 times in 4 years, always hit my chin on the road. Last time I broke it. Botranger wavecel doesn't do anything for that. Fox Rampage does. Nicely ventilated too, that was harder than **** to find. Started the search for a chin guard before the last accident, but you have to know the secret word to see bike helmets with chin guards on the internet.
Yeah, I'd be safer in a taxi. It would dump a ton more CO2 in the atmostphere, too.
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that is quite the collection. Which one do you like the best, Bruce?

Hmmm. Hard to say. I like the Kali for winter because it came with removable ear protectors. Its built-in visor I don't use because of my eye glasses (interfere). The Bell Annex is a very good fit. Both the Bell and the Kali have light mounts but I've noticed the selection of helmet clipping taillights on the market is slim. The Bell Annex was designed for use with the Blackburn SuperFlea which I think Blackburn has discontinued (fortunately I bought two). When the SuperFlea batteries finally die, I'm not sure what I can replace them with. The Bell also has close-able vents. So far I like the Abus the least just based on fit. I have the Gen 1 Abus so the built-in light runs on button batteries. The Bontrager is too new to judge although since it is hi-viz maybe it will become my go-to daytime helmet. Both the Abus and the Bontrager have magnetic clasps which are about impossible to attach with gloves on (or I just need more practice). Sorry I don't have a clear favorite. My favorite should be the one that protects the best but either you have to believe marketing claims (Bontrager) or look to the industry tests like Va Tech. I think the last I saw, the Bell and the Kalis were somewhere in the middle of the pack for protection. Abus being European, I'm not sure it has been tested here.


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Northeast Pennsylvania
Although my wife and I have worn helmets for many years, it was always for safety reasons. Last year we found these Sena X1's that are for both safety and fun!


We use them to communicate up to a half mile, listen to the built in FM radio, pair them with our smartphones to make calls or listen to music. The speakers are built into the helmet and have surprisingly good sound quality. There is nothing placed directly in the ear to block sounds around you. They're a bit pricey but we find the added riding enjoyment well worth the $$.