New Juggernaut Ultra


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I received my new juggernaut ultra yesterday. It came in a double walled box with no apparent damage. I had originally ordered the bike on Jan 10th with a set up including; 27.5 x 3 tires, thudbuster seat, and 21Ahr battery. I had a couple of questions in mind before I ordered the bike and was easily able to get someone on the phone to answer them - same with an email reply I received a couple hours after another of my enquiries. Again yesterday, as I was having a small issue when putting the bike together, I got on the phone and after I explained what my issue was, I was asked to wait 15min, while they came up with a fix, to call me back - they did! Really impressed with the company's customer care.

I partially charged the battery and went out for my first ever e-bike ride. Rode 23Km in -6C. What a beast!

Very happy with my purchase.

Deacon Blues

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A couple of months ago I emailed them with a couple of questions and they got back to me in short order. First impressions mean a lot and they impressed me with their quick and thorough response.