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I've got a 2015 Evo Jumper 29 about two months ago. I purchased this bike after a long consideration and at a really attractive price. Probably due to being last year's model, which I don't mind at all.

Actually, after seeing BH's 2016 bikes I think I made the best possible choice with this one.
To me, the semi concealed hub motor was the only choice, being 29 and full suspension was the icing on the cake after long years of casual hardtail use.

I used to race my hardtail at the XC nationals in the top(elite) class, round 2000 so have a bit rusty but solid background in MBT cycling. I skipped updating my bicycle since, as it was getting better with age whereas I was not ;) So long story short, this new bike is a toy with all those goodies I have been hearing about for years, all in one slick package.

My initial setup was:
- 400mm Ritchey post and ride hight adjustment
- reverted stem and removed spacers from below for a bit more aggressive riding postition
- added my trusty Ritchey WCS pedals for a dosh of old school

In the following posts I'll share my initial impressions, a two months (500mile) update, and later the upgrades I'm currently making to the bike.

Stay tuned!

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Thanks @Strezi; looking forward to hearing your experience with the Jumper; they're great bikes. Be sure and upload some pics too.


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Added pictures ^^^

So, Riding this bike feels prett much like I was pedalling back in 2000. Back than I was competing, and used to be a pretty good climber.

I started using the bike on the smallest assist level. It pretty much feels like someone pushing me gently on the back while climbing. This gave me all the help I néeded. Althoug, far from my best I could still ride the trails I used to, so I wasn't completely useless without the assist, either.

If you can' t climb a technical section without assist, there is a good chance you won't be able to with rear hub motor either. So, if you climb assisted you still hve to work hard. And so was I, but at the top I was faster and able to go further with a big smile on m face!

Shortly after the purchase, I found myself doing my usual 30mile roundtrip in the nearb mountains on regular basis... I just can't ride enough, and did my first 500miles (mostly proper XC stuff, no tarmac in sight) within the month and a half of owning this bike.

Which os more that I had done in the last ten years!

So, a month and a half in, a set of rear tyres destroyed :D


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After talking about why I choose this particular bike and how I feel about it, here is my more technical review how the bike actually performed.

500 Mile review

This review is based on riding the bike on medium to hard XC trails making round trips both ways. This may not be the intended use of this bike, but it handled itself admirably and ispired mo to ride more and more.

After the initial seat post and stem setup, I followed with suspension pressure(sag) and damping. Both are air springs, so I set pressures with a fork pump. I'm 6'4 and 225 at the moment, and ended up with 195psi back and 130psi front. I set both dampers to their middle positions.

We have a lot of freshly made gravel fire roads which used to become a pain, not so much on this bike. Finally the rear suspension and the larger wheels smooth these out just fine. I realized this was as important to my confidence taking on longer rides as was the electric motor itself. I sit much more comfortable and keen to go further.

On technical climbs, I've found the wide bars really helping me to maneuver the bike precisely while the suspension giving me good traction. Interestingly the bike has zero tendency to lift the front, even on the steepest sections. I pretty much ran out of rear grip sooner than having to start to proper balance and shift forward in the saddle. The rear tyres see to be out of their dept on this bike. Not only on these technical, steep climbs but also on pretty much everywhere they lacked grip whereas the rest of the package was just calling for more speed (both up and down). Also, when climbing, I've found locking the front fork pretty much non important. I have a reasonably good in saddle XC climbing style, and even out of saddle haven't noticed any bobbing.

On technical descents, the bike performed solid at low and moderate speeds. Brakes were a bit noisy at first but got bedded in quickly and give me plenty of sopping power when needed. Coming from and XTR/Avid rim brake setup, I really like the pressure sensitivity of the disc brakes. Again, the rears tyres were by far the weakest point, also in lateral grip. I don't have many banked corners where I live but wouldn't lean on these Rapid Robs much. After bedding in I had to adjust the brake pressure point on both sides (half turn in), because the leavers almost touched the bars, and couldn't place my fingers underneath.

I don't yet have the confidence for really fast descents on loose surfaces, but the fast run I did on a gravel road wasn't too confidence inspiring. Probably the tyres(again) or might be the weight of the rear hub prohibiting fast movement in the back and ultimately loosing grip. Otherwise even on rocky descents, I felt absolutely comfortable with the rear suspension.

The weakest point of the bike became obvious quite quickly. Pretty much on my first rocky descent, I felt a total luck of confidence in the front end. I think the front for, which is a RS XC30 100mm(120mm claimed, doh!) with lockout, is clearly out of place here. It run out of its dept pretty much instantly both in sensitivity and travel. Coming from a reasonable, light spring/oil for its a huge step down. Even on a gravel road it never feels planted. It just doesn't move fast enough when needed, I'd say the compression damping is all wrong. Basically its a paperweight up front :/

After all this, I think its pretty much obvious that the electric drive was doing what it was supposed to, all along ;) I had a test drive before so knew what I can expect from this system. With my weight and the steep and technical trails I'm riding, this bike is does not get me up anywhere without considerable effort. It helps me a lot make no mistake, but I have to give it a lot, too. Due to the fixed gearing of the hub motor, the maximum torque is simply limited, and the slower you go the less overall wattage it can deliver, unlike mid drive systems, where the final torque is geared by the rear cassette. Overall I did not find this a problem, as it assists me in the way I wanted, and I'm in a lot better shame physically two months in!

I didn't have problems with the torque sensing stuff on technical terrain, going up. As I said I have a smooth, balanced style and managed to pedal thus keep the drive alive pretty much all the time. The only problem I had was that after a while, I got tired and felt the assist coming on and off while I was pedaling seemingly smoothly. This was most likely me being barely able to trip the activation torque, because when I shifted to the small ring up front It worked OK. So its worth to keep in mind that although a different combination of gears can give you the same gearing, the on with the smaller ring up front keeps the torque sensor happy!

There was a dealer specific setup for the motor, where the actual assist level(torque) was at a maximum at all levels. By changing the assist level on the control screen only changed the maximum speed by the motor switches off. This can be changed by level individually, which I requested, and got a much more smooth drive in ECO mode which I use the most.

Overall very happy with the bike. I decided to splash out and update the fork/front wheel and drive train(1x11) in the near future.


I had a look at the fork pressures, and both front and rear holding no problem. I had to tighten the bolts in the frame's suspension a couple of times, as I noticed it loose in different places in series. Probably applying loctite(?) before torque would have been a good practice at the factory... Around 200mile in, the frame started to creak when pushed by hand. It turned out that a spacer was left out at the factory, which caused rubbing on the frame :/ Since I had zero knowledge of full suspension, this was only identified at the 500mile service at the dealer. He's now waiting for a complete bushings/spacer package for the frame.

I had a few occurrences of the Error 13 case. Switch on/OFF solved these. It happened pretty much in the same place after my regular long climb on a flatter spot. Quite puzzled really, probably a nearby high voltage power-line on the mountain is the cause. On of the computers contact pins was stuck/hardly moving which might also contributed via a bad connection. This is also in for a look or replacement.
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Based on my experience with this bike so far, and looking at the 2017 roundup of bikes, I decided that it deserves some upgrades which will keep me happy for some time :D

- Shimano 1x11 set, XT180mm crank, 32T front ring, 11 -46 cassette

Front fork:
- RS Pike 130mm, 15/100
- DT Swiss 15/100 front wheel

- Michelin Wider Gripper R2 29x2.25

Only need my bike back from the retailer to get all these fitted.

Exciting times :rolleyes:


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Just got feedback from the dealer. The replacement bushings(?, the spacer thing below/above bearings) to the rear suspension will arrive on Monday.
Fork and front wheel are shipping Today, so with some luck next week is Build Time !
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Fixing my bike's suspension took almost two months at the end :(

BH has sent the wrong part to the wrong bearing, twice. Than they realized that one of the screws were screwed and needed a replacement to that also ....
I got my head unit replaced at the end, too. I like the new spec one. It has larger non rubber buttons, with a much improved feel.

Anyhow, I got impatient after a month or so and decided to build a regular bike with the components and leave the BH as is for now.
Also discovered in the last month that I can ride a regular bike just fine, especially as nice as this one:


Just had a test ride on the BH yesterday, and while its fast up hill the suspension is not a match for my "new" (meaning barely used frame with all new components) Specialized Epic Comp 29".

I 'll delagate the BH to my wife for a shared riding experience to which I've been looking for a long time :D


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Thanks for the update :)

Sorry to hear about the problems, but sounds like you are making some lemonade....