New Lectric XP - Error Code "E 008"


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Quick note to help any others who have the same problem.

I took my bike out of the box, charged it. Removed the packaging materials. Put the stem together. Straightened it out and turned it on.

Wouldn't run. Flashing error code " E 008" on the display. No matter what I tried, and what I searched for here on this site and through Google, I couldn't find anything that would help.
There is a post in one thread saying E 008 has something to do with tire diameter - it does not. The headlight worked fine and all of the menus worked fine, but there was no power. Throttle did nothing and there was no pedal assist. I tried to ride it home from work on pedal power only. Made it 4 miles and called home for a ride! Don't get stranded on this thing without any power. It is a beast.

Sent an email and left a voice message after hours. Finally got through to a person on the phone, late the next morning. Phone call took all of 5 minutes to sort out my bike. They also responded to my email within an hour of getting through on the phone. Customer Service from Lectric is commendable. They have a great team.

It was a loose connector on the throttle cable!

So, if any of you have an E 008 error, trace your cables down from the handle bars. Look for the quick-disconnect plugs and make sure they are seated properly. Note: do not twist any of these connections. They will break. Just orient them according to the markings and plug them together straight in.



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I am getting E008 error (after a longer uphill ride) and I checked all the wires and connections and it look fines and I am still getting the same error message. Is there anyway to reset the controller ? Any other recommendation ?