New Line of Bafang Max Mid Drive Bikes

Which Bike Is Your Favorite?

  • All Terrain Kush | Full Suspension Fat Bike

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • All Terrain Mid Drive

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • Dual Sport | 27.5" Full Suspension

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • XC Sport | 27.5" Commuter

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
The team over at M2S Bikes has been hard at work over the last six months developing a new line of mid-drive bikes that include both full suspension fat bikes, 27.5" trail bikes and a city-commuter/adventure bike with racks, lights and fenders.

All of these bikes come with 36V, 14.5 Amp Hour batteries with Panasonic 18650 cells, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with motor cut-off and Shimano Deore 1x10 gearset.

I'd love to get your feedback on these bikes, what you like, what you'd like to know and to help answer any questions you may have. The bikes are currently in the manufacturing stage and will be available beginning April 2017. In the meantime, we're offering discounted prices through our website for pre-orders.
All Terrain Kush | Full Suspension Fat Bike

All Terrain Mid Drive

Dual Sport | 27.5" Full Suspension

XC Sport | Mid Drive Commuter
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I'm in the studying and searching mode of a new E-bike. I like the All Terrain Mid Drive the best. I don't see any water bottle cage bosses anywhere. Are there any? Other than that they look really great. Can you attach racks to them pretty easy? Keep the site informed on updates because I may be interested.


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I noticed the Fat Tire Trailer. Very nice. What My Son has been looking for is a Fat Tire trailer like that where he can take his cooler/etc. to the beach behind his bike then un-hook if need be and pull trailer around on the beach. Other idea would be a second handle for walking it or even an electric motor for pushing its self along in the sand. Just a thought !!


They all look good, hard to choose one. It's good to see more bikes coming out with the Bafang max drive built in. If I had to choose it would be between the All Terrainfatbike and the Duel sport 27.5.

Will you be adding a 29R.
Hi All, thanks for your comments so far. @Jolly, we don't currently plan on offering the 29" tire size as the 27.5" works really well for us. I really like the Bafang Max systems and think the torque + cadence sensing technology, along with the high torque, make for a really fun riding experience that feels very smooth.

Regarding the water bottle mounts, we've opted to offer these bikes with screw-less cages that strap on to any available real estate. The XC Sport and All Terrain MD both have mounts for a rear rack.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Thanks for checking them out and offering your feedback

George S.

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Good prices. Solid bikes. Impressive to see the Max at this price level. Torque sensor bikes!

I assume this is a deal where we pay now, you build the bikes, and deliver down the road? Have you finished the Crowdfund bikes?

They all have some appeal. Hope you can get one in Court's hands for review. Torque sensor pedal assists are different, one from another. Lots of details. Court usually figures this stuff out for people.

Good luck!


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The non-suspension fat bike looks pretty nice, especially if you've really gone with the 4.5" tires (and not the 4 which is typically standard). I'm a little suspect of the full suspension version when it is only like $250 more than the rigid (plus I don't think you need any susp with a fat bike in the first place...).


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The non-suspension fat bike looks pretty nice, especially if you've really gone with the 4.5" tires (and not the 4 which is typically standard). I'm a little suspect of the full suspension version when it is only like $250 more than the rigid (plus I don't think you need any susp with a fat bike in the first place...).

Fatty tires are way better than no suspension but not really close to good real suspension. If I was riding mine for regular bike use I"d want suspension.
Hi Toynut, we are able to offer the 17 amp hour battery upgrade for all of these bikes, but unfortunately it seems that there will be a shortage of availability for this battery size in early 2017 according to our battery supplier. We'll work to get as many as possible and offer them as an option if possible, but for now we will plan on mostly offering the 14.5 amp hour batteries. We can certainly offer the larger size once they become available in the future thanks to the interchangeable nature of these style batteries.

Regarding suspension vs non-suspension, for me it's a tough choice. My personal favorite bike is the All Terrain mid drive with no suspension for most types of rides I do. It's lighter and more agile feeling than the larger Kush with full suspension. However, we've been putting the Kush through some tough riding terrain lately and have to say that if you're interested in charging through rock gardens, over jumps and roots at high speed, the added suspension makes for a really fun riding experience. I think it really just comes down to whether or not you plan on riding really rough off road terrain. The fat tires can definitely soak up a lot of bumps, rocks and roots in most conditions...

@George, we're offering discounted prices currently because of the longer lead times required until we're able to deliver the bikes. The bikes are currently in the manufacturing process and will be complete around the end of February with shipping to U.S. customers expected at this time in March. Based on the trials and tribulations of our first two bikes, however, we will caution that April delivery is likely.

Regarding our first two bikes and our pre-order customers, both models are currently on the way to our pre-order backers and we expect they will be delivered, ridden and reviewed in the next two weeks. We're very excited to have these first orders nearly completed and are looking forward to applying what we learned about the process to our future orders. The second shipments of both of those styles of bikes are currently being manufactured and we expect to receive those in February to ensure we'll have adequate stock of bikes heading into the summer months.

Finally, here's a quick video showcasing the Dual Sport with the Bafang Max mid drive. We filmed this at Kolo Bike Park in Asheville, which is an e-bike friendly mountain bike trail system that offers some really fun and fast "flow trails" just a short ride from downtown Asheville. We definitely recommend checking them out if you're in the area and plan on offering demo days and rentals through Kolo beginning this spring.