New Magnum Cruiser running toooo slow ... I think.


I've had my Magnum Cruiser Lowrider for a week now and haven't gotten out on it much but when I have, it seems to be mighty slow, compared to the ebikes I owned in the distant past, including a Radwagon and a Pedego Interceptor. It can barely make it up some pretty tame hills. For all I know, however, it could be a setting issue. And I do know that the brakes are rubbing some, which I need to take care of. In any event, let's say I'm on a straight away, no hill -- how long should It take me to get some 0 to, I dunno, 15 or 20, on throttle alone? Any other tests I can do?

I'm a bit perplexed.

p.s. I also just noticed that a full charge on the battery yields 53.2 volts, whereas I think 54.4 is supposed to be the usual starting value. Could that be making a difference?
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rich c

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That's still over 90% battery at that 53.2 reading. That should make no difference in hill climbing. Hard to quantify the "feeling", especially to the distant past.