New Marathon Tires and Battery For the Aurora

Al P

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The Aurora is now over 5 years old and has been ridden almost 4000 miles. The original Kendas had no tread, and the battery, although still working, is getting tired. I installed a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires and can’t believe how nice they are. There is zero rolling resistance so the bike coasts a lot farther than it ever did. They are also completely silent. No road noise at all. I think the thin white line sidewalls add a nice touch to the look.

I ordered a new battery from Evelo which took 3 months to arrive, but well worth the wait. It rides like a brand new bike again and with the Marathons I would say even better than new, plus more power and distance with the new battery.

Last year I replaced the standard sprung seatpost with the Redshift Shock Stop which made a big difference in the ride.

Tomorrow it will get new brakes to complete the rejuvenation.

I hope to get another 4000 miles out of this bike. :)


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Al P

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The new Aurora models have changed quite a bit from mine, but I can tell you that I really like the bike for comfort, which is enhanced by the Shock Stop seatpost. There are only two things I am disappointed with. One is my 250w motor, which is inadequate on hills (this has been upgraded on the newer models), and the other is the total weight of the bike (64 lbs.) with battery, which makes it difficult to lift onto a bike rack. If you do a search here there is plenty of information from other members who have recently purchased one.