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Hi, I'm a retired 70 year old male that decided last year to give my old 1987 Specialized Hard Rock a new life. With the help of a good friend I installed a 48v, 750W Bafang mid-drive on my bike and have had a blast on it since, clocking over 700 miles on it so far. I joined a local bike riding group (FOGG) and we go out every Tues and Thurs in the east bay, riding different trails, many that I never even know existed before I started riding again. A lot of people advised me against converting my old bike, but I can tell you it is just fun to ride and I haven't had any issues with it; the only thing I have missed is having a nice front suspension fork to cushion the ride a bit when we go on some dirt trails.

I picked up the ebike bug and have been curious about trying out different ebike versions (rear wheel hub, front wheel hub, etc) so I have just recently built a rear wheel hub drive 1000w ebike on an old Kona Blast frame for my brother. I learned a ton in the process of doing that and overcame some challenges getting the rear brake caliper adjusted that gave me a great sense of satisfaction.

I wanted to see if I could get my wife out riding with me so I also recently bought a small frame, newer Specialized HardRock single gear bike and I installed a 350w iMotor on the front wheel. We haven't taken out yet but hope to soon. I also had some challenges in getting a mechanical brake caliper to fit with the iMotor, but also figured that out, which was satisfying.

have a lot more ebike building projects planned and look forward to being part of the EBR community.


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Congratulations. Enjoy riding your bike.
You sound pretty handy. I help my wife & her relatives with their cars. They are not interested in bicycles.