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I have been reading the topics here and have really enjoyed learning a bit here and there.. My wife and I are slight handicap.. I have had 1 back surgery and 2 neck surgery which I am recuperating from my last one from a week or so ago.. Fun times ..

Anyways I have 2 Lectric bikes which I have found them to be worth there money and I have really enjoyed mine. Wife had bought an Evelo Aries for herself after the Lectric but she is small and that bike has a big stance for her. She bought a small or medium Giant Bike that she likes that is not Full suspension and has no display but she likes it so that is what matters.. I recently found another Evelo step through (cheap and older) which didnt have a key or a battery but I was able to get it for $100 and so I ordered a 36v battery pack off amazon and just plugged it in (wasnt sure if it even worked at all because there was no way to test at the time but I figured I didnt have anything to lose as like the seller said.. You can peddle like a normal bike.. But to my amazement after plugging in the new battery pack, Everything worked .. Lights and the throttle and gear shift.. The speedo didnt work so I noticed the magnet was on the oposite side of the sensor and the sensor was kind of hanging. After I zip tied it to the fork and moved the magnet where I thought it should be (compared to my other Evelo) it works perfect.. They are pretty smooth bikes even though they are not full suspension. We dont do bike trails unless its paved or on the street for the most part.. We really enjoy the bikes as it gets us outside and a little cardio.. When I tried the regular bikes I just couldnt do it physically. Anyways ... I have enjoyed the learning here of other bikes and some technical stuff on repairs and additions or what too's and what nots..

Thanks for everyone here for the posts both good and evil.. Im thick skinned so the Climate topic has been a hoot.. even though some have a pre conceived idea and have a hard time learning..Guess I will to at their age (lol just kidding).

Soon as I get an idea of how to post pics on this apple laptop I will post something up..

Glad to meet everyone and glad to see some on here are actual free thinkers on some subjects.


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Welcome the site & the hobby.
I'm glad you are astute at handling possible problems like your bargain bike with no battery and your damaged speedo pickup.
I win some, I lose a lot of rounds. I converted a non-powered bike and after 2 false starts with bargain batteries (boxes of garbage) I got ~4500 trouble free powered miles out of it. Destroyed my controller & motor in the rain 7/14, still thrashing around buying parts that don't match up. Getting too much cardio, recently.


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Easier to post pics on my work comp// Anyways Garage is a little mess but THis is the stable


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