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Hello everyone,

I am new from today -- 11th March 2020. My wife and I have been keen cyclists since around the year 2000. We are also cross-country skiers, and, in the midst of a lousy ski season, and inspired by a Tour de France winner whose name shall never be mentioned, we both went out and following some terrible advice, bought hybrid bikes. They very soon morphed into mountain bikes, and we have been riding both mountain and road bikes ever since.

Last year, as we discovered that hills were getting steeper, and kilometres were getting longer, we decided to fight these geographical phenomena by, as a couple of people have accused us of, joining the 'dark side', and buying electric bikes. I bought a 2019 Trek Powerfly 5 with which I am very happy. My wife bought a 2019 women's specific 15.5 inch Powerfly 5. My wife is barely 5 feet tall, and found the bike very hard to handle, and had a couple of stationery falls. We decided the biggest problem was the bike geometry, and we sold it. She has now purchased a Giant Liv Vall E+ which she is slowly and gingerly becoming acquainted with. We have added a dropper seat post which is proving very helpful in mounting and dismounting the bike.

I have two questions regarding this bike. The Ride Control computer is not particularly intuitive, and in bright sunlight (lots of that in Oz) the LED lights are quite difficult to see. We have seen that Giant have an EVO display which would be ideal. Can someone provide a definitive answer as to whether an EVO display can be either added to the Giant Liv Vall E+ without removing the Ride Control, or substituted for the Ride Control? Our bike shop sales person does not seem to know.

My second question relates to an Auto setting on the Ride Control computer. I have seen it referred to. It is supposed to be the first option on the Ride Control, and is supposed to light up only the middle LED of the five LEDs. We don't seem to be able to get it to work. Should it work on a Giant Liv Vall E+? We hope so. It seems to be the equivalent pf the excellent EMTB setting on my Giant bike.


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Sorry that I can't assist in answering your specific Giant questions, but welcome to the dark side from another new forum member!

Besides hills which keep getting steeper and kilometers which keep getting longer, I have also found that with age the headwinds are now stronger, and generally blow in your face in both directions of you ride. Must be something to do with global warming. ;) But I certainly do appreciate those bionic legs provided by the current crop of ebikes.