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Hello from lovely London Ontario. I’m new to the forum and a “nearly” happy owner of a Magnum Metro+ (I’ll get back to this later on)

I’ve been riding an E-bike for about 15 years, my first one was the Total EV Merida PC-500 Pedelec Electro Magnetic Powered Bicycle.

Merida 500 Specs:
Type: E-hybrid (pedal-activated) electric bike
Weight: 64 lbs (bike 47 lbs + battery case 17 lbs)
Charger: Smart charger plugs into standard 110 / 220VAC. Up to 4. 5 hours charging time.
Battery: 24V, 9AH SLA (sealed lead-acid) , quick release battery pack.
Motor / Gearing: 240W continuous (390W peak) motor drives through Shimano Nexus internal 4-speed hub. 15-19 mph.
Frame: Aluminum. 15″ size, step thru model only
Brakes: Front V-brakes. 500 and 550: rear band brakes.
Wheels: 26″ alloy rims.
Lights: Headlight, and rear light powered by rim generator. (500 and 550 only. )
Accessories: Fenders. Rear rack (500 and 550 only) . Front basket (500 only) .

I then upgraded a BionX 350 (you can find reviews on the Electric Bike Reviews section) mounted on a Norco 26” frame in 2010 and last year it gave up on me. Unfortunatelly BionX went into receivership in March 2018 so I did not want to spend money on it.

In October 2019, after reading reviews and watching videos on Electric Bikes Reviews, I decided to go for the Magnum Metro+

I was very happy with the bike, although it is not as sophisticated as the BionX, nor is the pedal assist as smooth. However the Metro has more of a kick and the battery allows for longer rides.

Now back to the “nearly” happy owner part. As soon as my new bicycle was delivered, I proceeded to unpack and assemble it. The first thing I noticed was that the rubber flap on the rear fender was curved backwards.

I immediately contacted Barry Nisan from Epic Cycles, sent him pictures and was told I would receive a replacement. After a month or so, not having heard back from him, I sent another email to which he replied a replacement flap would be sent our as soon as one became available.

After three months waiting, I decided to contact them again. This time there was no reply.

This of course makes me question their customer service and warranty. A rubber flap is probably a couple of dollars, but this is a reflection on the company. If it takes at least four months to get a rubber flap replaced, I wonder what would happen if I needed a controller, a battery or some other key component.

This may be an isolated incident. I hope so, but this is my story and my issue with an otherwise great bike and service.


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You are right, it is an Epic Cycles experience. An yes I probably could take a heat gun and give it a try, but after spending nearly $3000 I would have thought I was owed the courtesy of a rubber flap replacement.