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Hello all, Im Rick from Baltimore, MD and just purchased my 1st ebike. I thought about doing a DIY kit on one of my old bikes (have 3 MTB's) but they are pretty old and none have disc brakes.
then thought about buying a new bike with disc brakes and adding a kit to it but after doing some research, it looked like for the same price I could just buy a ready to go ebike. Looked around a bit and really liked to looks of the mini bike styles but the prices were to high IMO. I Also wanted a 750 watt motor, 48 volt higher AH battery and at least front suspension. I'll mostly be riding neiborhood roads and some light trail riding. Theres a park at the end of my street where i used to ride my dirt bikes when I was a kid and theres some nice trails back there along the river.

All of the name brand ebikes are pretty pricey IMO. Even Juiced and rad price tags were higher than I wanted to go. Almost pulled the trigger on the ecotric 26in fat tire bike but didnt like the 36v 10ah battery. For a little more I found an AOSTIRMOTOR S07-B with all the specs I was looking for under $1100 on amazon. The price seemed pretty good for a 26" fat tire bike with 750 Watt motor, 48volt 13 AH battery and front suspension. The day after I bought it the price jumped up to $1399 and looking now its at $1899 but none in stock. The motor is a TRUCKRUN motor which I never heard of and probably not a true 750 watts but seems very strong and pushes me up hills with ease. Ive put 14 miles on it so far (mix of full throttle and PAS1 riding) and the battery has only went down 1 bar so Im happy with that so far.

My only complaint is its actually to strong starting out and to fast on PAS1 eco mode. With light pedaling on pas1 im doing around 11 mph which is to fast for leisurely riding with someone on a non electric bike. Ive went through all the advanced settings to tone it down and 11 is the slowest i could get it on pas1. Im also haveing to ride it in 6th and 7th gear on pas1 to keep up with the pedaling speed. So using pas mode, pas2-5 and gears 1-5 are pretty much useless i guess unless Im riding up some steep hills, which I dont have near me.

I think changing the gearing may help. And im wondering if theres some different displays out there that will let me dial in the power better. Looks like CYCLE ANALYST 3.0 would do the trick but dont know if it would work on my setup. Is there any other displays similar to CA that allows for more tuning options? My display now is a SW-U-LCD.

Sorry for the long winded intro.




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Its more fun to ride with someone else (that can keep up) so bought my GF a lectric XP.
Was thinking about ordering one but it looks like a long wait right now.
One with 100 miles on it popped up on craislist so i snapped it up.
Fun bike to ride. She was haveing a blast with it this weekend.


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@CAGE RATTLER -- how is your bike holding up? Have you done any top speed or range tests? How is the performance against the Lectric XP -- e.g. acceleration, uphill speed, etc.?