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just joined, looks like a very good site for e-bikes. i bought a city bike in november and use it to commute to work. i really enjoy riding this bike especially going up hills and i have several good ones going home. so far i have 2700 miles on my bike, i try to ride 4 times a week about 100 miles without over exerting myself.(i am old!) i have had numerous problems with my bike the lights have burnt out, computer display failed, my power assist will quit under load. i still like the bike and have fixed most of these problems. the shop i bought the bike at is very helpful even if they cant diagnose all of the problems. taking the bike in today to see why the assist quits and shows a 5 on the screen and then will resume working. hope to get the bugs out so i dont constantly stop on my ride home and have to reset/restart to continue. cant wait to read some of the threads on the forum.



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Hi Steve,

Just curious... which "city" easy motion ebike did you purchase? And what model year is it? You must have one of the previous Neo models since the new EVO line didn't come out until 2015, with the first bikes starting to appear in later Jan. and the "city" style EVO bikes not appearing until March 2015.
EVO ECO LITE on the web looks exactly like my bike, i dont have my docs with me and i dont see any id on the bike. i wanted the model with disc brakes and front suspension but it wasnt out yet


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Sounds like you are a dedicated rider with much to share.
Similar to you I've had multiple problems which I've solved because I do love riding my ebike.
I know error code 5 on my NeoJumper means a sensor problem back with the motor. After checking that all wires were plugged in I ended up replacing the back motor (under warranty thanks to the 5 year warranty on parts, but not labor).

Good luck, and hope you solve it.

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When they replaced the controller the cable to the motor was loosened, cleaned and tightened that fixed the code 5, now after riding home (uphill) I am getting a code 12 temperature protection and the bike shuts down. the temp was 95 when i rode so maybe the bike is not designed for high temp and uphill stress. i will check with my dealer about this. it sucks to have to stop and wait for the motor to cool before i can continue. i work in the auto repair business and one of our big complaints is that cars are designed for the east coast not for the hot west and i think the evo is designed for europe not for socal. i will see if this problem can be fixed.



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I replaced my controller in April. BH indicated the new controller manages heat better. I notice the wires on the new one appear to be a thicker gauge (may 12 vs 14).
I have wondered about trying to alter the plastic covering to permit more airflow over the controller.
How hot does yours feel to the touch?

i will check the temp next time it shuts down (i have an infra red temp gun) i dont want to modify anything unless there is no other option, i usually screw things up when i try to "fix" them.