New Motobecane ULTRA eAdventure! / Preliminary Mid vs. Hub Drive Stats

steve mercier

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I have tested three motors on the same very steep hill back to back. I found that I could make it up the hill on all three ( Active line ,Active Plus and Performance CX ) but the CX was of course the fastest and the Active line was turtle slow. Where I live we have a three mountain challenge called the North shore triple crown which consists of three serious hill climbs in a row that the strongest roadies can do on acoustic bikes. I have done it on my CX but I would never even attempt it on an Active line. So my point I guess is that the weaker motors are somewhat ( if only slightly ) limited in the scope of their usage. You can always switch down to Eco but you cannot get more power than it was designed to produce in the first place.


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Really does come down to what you ride or intend to ride. Not a lot of ebike options available right now so better to be riding a little under powered than not at all. My first ebike was under powered and I enjoyed it very much it also taught me more about what I wanted in the next one and I didn't know for sure if emtb-ing was for me at all to begin with.