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I have been interested in assisted bicycles for several years now. About four years ago I built a 43cc 2 stroke Golden Eagle kit on a full suspension mountain bike. It was great fun on smooth roads and would cruise a bit past 30 mph, but the concentrated weight of the engine floating over the rear tire made the bike a bit unwieldy and cumbersome. It was obnoxiously loud and leaked fluids every time I tried to put it in the back of my subcompact.

When I was in Tahoe a few months ago, I had the pleasure of riding a 36v 2000w TommiSea fat bike and a 48v 2000w Surly Pugsley from Volt Electric Bikes ( ) - I'm pretty sure that the Pugsley I rode is the white one pictured on the website, as it belonged to the owner. The Surly achieved 31 mph pretty easily, but it was a bit heavy and didn't handle the way that I'd hoped.

Soon after, I checked out a Stromer ST1 Platinum while in Cincinnati visiting family. I wasn't able to ride it due to the weather, but I was impressed with the overall appearance of the package. I wish I could've given it an honest test.

Finally, I came across an Easy Motion dealer near my home. I tested an Evo 27.5, an Evo Street, and a 26" Neo Jumper. Long story short, the Jumper was impressive enough to come home with me. I wasn't expecting that a 350w geared motor would have enough power to satisfy, but the overall balance of the package sold me.

I've had it for 2 weeks now and have put about 100 miles on it, the longest being a 25.5 mile trip. The bike is going to be used in a number of ways - I have a 4 mile round trip commute to my office which I can easily complete on the bike. There are a few local bike trails that are close to my house. The first is relatively flat and covered with small rocks and dirt. The other is completely flat and smooth and runs several miles along the top of our flood wall. There are also many good bike trails at our nearby lakes - I ran this single track trail this weekend (not my link, but I ran the same course: ) and had an amazing day. The majority of the course is dirt, but about 3 miles of were smooth pavement and road bikes were plentiful there.

And now, my comments and questions:


Originally, I had considered changing the knobby tires to something smoother and more commuter friendly. After running over 25 miles at the lake this weekend, that is out of the question. I WOULD like to change the cockpit a bit to better suit these varied environments. I am considering getting rid of the riser bar and replacing it with a flat bar without any sweep. I might narrow it slightly and put some small bar ends on it for power and balance when climbing. Finally, I'm thinking about putting some aerobars on it. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it would really help me to stretch out when the pavement is smooth and flat. I have attached a couple of photos below of other people who have done this.

I will add an FSA computer mount so I can put some lights on the front ( ) and I need a bicycle bell to notify other cyclists and pedestrians.


1. Is "28" the appropriate tire setting for a 26" Jumper with the standard 2.25" Schwalbe Rapid Rob tires?

2. I need to touch up the battery case to repair a nasty scratch. Can you replace the outer shell of the case, or do you have to repaint it? If you have to repaint, can you purchase the decals? I have a feeling that I'll just live with the scratch, but it's nice to know my options.

Thanks in advance for your help, and thanks for the valuable information I've already found on this forum!

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For 26" tires, you should set the console setting to 26". Width of tire doesn't matter, it's the size of the tire diameter.


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Sounds like you have a great bike.
I keep my 26" NeoJumper setting at 26". It agrees with the speed a local radar registers, so I'm guessing the 26" setting is the correct one for the 26" jumper.
I don't know of a way to replace the plastic battery outer case. It has been very rugged for me, despite a few crashes. I use the scratches to remind me of what not to do.
I've played around with different tires. Currently I'm using the VelociRapitors, which seem to be more predictable for me rather than the Schwabes, or a wider 2.3" I tried.
It is always fun to turn these bikes into our own special machines. Hope to follow the modifications you try. For me adding the Mirrcycle Mirror was one of my better additions.

Colorado, USA


I'm hoping to run the trail again this Friday with a Contour GPS HD camera that can register speed and elevation along with video. If I post some footage this weekend, you can assume that I did not crash and/or die.


I tried to re-enact the speeder chase scene from "Return of the Jedi" this morning (please be sure to select "HD" from the settings icon at the lower right of the video if you want to watch this). Smallest ring out back, middle ring up front, and ECO mode throughout. I could've pushed a lot harder, but I'm not that good yet.

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Today I rode the 45 mile loop from the Barkhausen Wetlands Center to Tunnel Hill, IL. I have the 36v 9ah battery and no spare. I started in "no assist" mode and used the throttle strategically while I continued pedaling on the longer hills and as a fan. I made it to the tunnel with 3 bars left and was confident that I would make it back with some battery power in reserve. I failed to consider the fact that my own battery was depleted after pedaling through the small gravel up the steady 2% grade for 23 miles. The bike ran out of juice about 4 miles from the end of the loop and I continued pedaling without the benefit of any assistance. I think it's time for a spare battery...


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NYC Rider

I have a spare but have no way to carry it on my jumper. Wearing the tripod bag I keep it in doesn't seem desirable. Fortunately, some rides can be done figure 8 style, passing my car midway. I was considering carrying the spare for the first quarter of a ride, then hiding it half depleted in the woods, continuing the middle 2 fourths on battery two, then picking up the one left in the woods for the final quarter. At least then I would only be carrying two batteries for half the ride at the price of just one extra change of batteries. But unless its a route you do often, I doubt anyone could well estimate the quarter points of a 40 to 60 mile ride. Better to just be in good enough fitness to pedal a lot, like you did.


I usually wear a small GoLite backpack when I ride for more than a few blocks. I keep my phone, keys, and wallet in there so I won't lose them while pedaling. If I'm going to be gone for a while, I'll throw a bottle of water or two in the side pockets. It would be no trouble for me to wrap a spare battery in a towel and carry it on my back.

I have ordered a new flat 0 rise handlebar along with new grips, tires, and a bell. I should be installing those parts very soon.


I pulled the aero bars temporarily because I had to flip the bike to replace the tires and I'm about to redo the cockpit (waiting on the new grips to arrive).

Maxxis Holy Roller 26 x 2.4 replace the Schwalbe Rapid Rob 26 x 2.25 tires. The Maxxis tires seem to shed speed less quickly at the same air pressure due to lower rolling resistance and/or the placebo effect. They definitely corner with less squirminess due to the rounded profile. The tires seem to be fine on hardpack with loose rocks over the top and I had no problem riding up and over a flood wall covered in wet grass twice this morning. They are certainly preferable on asphalt. So far, so good.

The new seat post is from City Grounds. I picked it because it was plain black and the cutout on the post seems to mimic the design of the cutout section of the rear suspension arm. I pulled the AlexRims decals off of the wheels because 1) plain black 2) I could 3) AlexRims doesn't give me any money. I made the rear stubby fender out of a thick plastic folder using a template I found online.

More next week...


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The Ascent aero bars are back in place on a narrower zero rise 5 degree sweep flat handlebar. Dimension stubs bar ends give me another hand position and make the horns look like antlers. Spurcycle GripRings replace the old parts and allow me to make each grip equal in length even with the half-twist throttle. I rearranged the cables and wrapped the cable groups running into the frame to clean things up. Oh, and there's a bell on the stem now...for merriment.


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Getting ready for another 50 mile ride.

short trips: standard seat and Crew seat post: 1.1 lb


long trips: Bell Recline 800 seat, standard seat post, Bell Saddle Bag, 26" tube, tire levers, screwdrivers, hex wrenches, zip ties, spiral wrap: 3.0 lb


GoLite Rush backpack, Schwinn EZ Connect bike pump with integrated gauge, 19mm Craftsman wrench, spare battery: 8.3 lb


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