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I got the handle bar at Performance Bike. If you have one near you, they could install it as well. It really took less than 1/2 hour to do if you have a set of metric Allen wrenches.

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I'm not really a great handiman. Do you think REI would be able to replace my grips (and maybe even handlebar) without messing it up? Or do I need to go to a Currie dealer only?
Any competent dealer can replace grips including techs at REI. Handlebars require a little more expertise as you sometimes need to redo cable lengths. Again, any reasonably competent bike tech should be able to do this for you.


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New handlebars, Ergon grips and the City Kit installed. Just waiting for the Ortlieb Sport Packer Plus bags and I am ready to start commuting.

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I bought handle bar grips like yours and installed them upside down because I am not fond of the grey trim. I really like them. Very comfy.
I simply disconnected the throttle (never use it) and everything works fine.
I also added a far more comfortable seat and SPD pedals.