New owner , EAHORA X7 N, 750W


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Hi Guys, I'm also a new member here and this is my first post. Thanks for letting me join.
The X7 has only 3 electric speeds and the twist throttle. The way it is , if I am at #1 speed, the twist throttle will only go as fast as #1 peddle assist. I want the twist throttle to be able to go to full speed regardless of my pedal assist setting. The PDF says I should be able to do this, but no matter if I put it at Y or N, it does not change anything.
"Throttle gear enable setting HF-Y stands for throttle step, HF-N means throttle is not stepped. If throttle step is selected, it means that when turning the throttle, the maximum speed can only reach the corresponding speed corresponding to the gear position displayed on the meter. Split, it means that when turning the throttle, it is not limited by the gear on the display, and can reach the rated maximum speed. You can set Y / N by pressing the UP / DOWN button. Press the "i" key to confirm and return to the throttle to assist the implementation. Enable setting interface; long press “I” key to confirm and return to the setting item selection interface of the display. The factory default value default value of the meter is N"
Has any one else realized this situation?

I also have an Ancheer, 27.5" , 48 volt, 500 watt bike. I was expecting the X7 with the claimed 750 watt to be faster, but I found the speed very close with the Eahora slightly faster in acceleration and the Ancheer slightly faster on the top speed.

Also the front brake on the X7 works great but the rear is poor to terrible. Pretty much impossible to lock up the rear tire. Anyone else? And if so, is there a way to improve it?
So far, I like the bike, not not as much as I thought I would. But; that might be because I'd rather be more discreet and not attract attention, lol, the X7 does turn more heads its way .
Another question. Is it really 750 Watt? The battery says 499, has same charger as my Ancheer and power and performance are basically the same.
Thanks for any opinions and advice in advance E 1


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Can't help with the speed and assist issues but as to the rear brakes, remove the brake pads, clean with alcohol and put a piece of 400 grit sandpaper on a flat work surface sandy side up and then lightly sand the brake pads to give them a little "tooth". Inspect your rotor for any contamination and give it a quick alcohol wipe. Make sure to properly wear in the rotors, i.e. give them the new rotor break-in. If you are not familiar go to youtube and type break in bicycle disk brake pads.