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I'm a happy new owner of an Epik SE and I have a few questions:

1. What sort of bike lock or cable are using?

2. Besides the free wheel change I saw on this forum, what other mods have you done and was it beneficial?

3. Are there other forums for e-Joe bikes?

4. Anyone in the Columbus, Ohio area?

Thanks :)



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Abus extra long folding lock $$$+ ( built like those folding rulers ). And a braided cable , long enough to go though both wheels and suspension seat post. Get some good USB ( head and tail )lights again $$$+, and backups if these fail. I have also turnsignals ( winglights on Amazon ). Nite Ize spoke lights that twist to turn on. Use to live in Findlay. Miss those country farm roads. Was considered best bicycling state when I lived there.
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