New Practical Velomobile/Cargo E-Trike in the Works


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I have been dreaming about, designing and re-designing what I hope may become something new in the very niche world of all weather, recumbent, cargo E-trikes.
This category is currently inhabited by such vehicles as the Organic Transit ELF and Better Bikes PEBL, both of which I personally find a bit too large and heavy to be of practical use for many would-be cargo-trike users.
So I have been designing something a little smaller and lighter:
100 pounds maximum curb weight
34" maximum width
55" maximum height (30" folded height)
80" - 100" overall length dependent on final design
24" and 26" wheels with 2-2.5" wide tires
18" seat height
Passenger seating for 2 small children or 1 youth/small adult.
Very easy ingress and egress.
All-weather protection in a convertible format.

*My design has little in common with the ELF or PEBL other than similar functionality.*
(So please don't go making assumptions about what I may have in mind.)

Any thoughts or suggestions on this subject would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

Just CW

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A guy who calls himself canvasman has posted photos on atomic zombie of a velo he made for a DIY streetfox with electric assist.The shell weighs 37 lbs and can be removed in 15 minutes, he writes. No idea how much the bike itself weighs, but their Warrior model is claimed to weigh 43 lbs.