New Priority Embark rider in Durango, CO


Hi all! My name's Ilana and I live in Durango, Colorado. For the past 15 years my husband and I lived in town and pretty much walked everywhere, but we built a new house on the mesa overlooking town and now it is about three miles to the grocery, library, etc - worse yet, it's a 300' climb to get home. So after much research (including reviews and forum posts on this site, thank you so much!) I bought a Priority Embark for each of us. They arrived yesterday, we put them together and did a little test riding, and although I can tell it's going to take a while to get used to the CVT gearing, so far so good. This evening will be the big test as I'm going to my running club track workout and will have to ride back up the big hill - we'll see how it goes.

I will say that the people at Priority are super helpful and respond quickly to questions by email (even though I actually purchased the bikes through Costco online, which is significantly cheaper).

Anyway, looking forward to using my new electric vehicle a whole lot!



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Hi Ilana, really glad you like your new Embarks, I got mine about 5 weeks ago. They are very well built bikes and perform exactly as advertised; after about 150 miles I had zero complaints. I visited Priority in NYC, agree great people there. The CVT is very cool, with a slight twist you find a better gear. That said, I just sold it.

This was my first ebike, I got it for my commute and to use for errands around town - keep the car in the garage. My Embark taught me something; I wanted a Class 3 bike with wider gearing, especially on the high.

I am going with a Stromer ST3, I will get it next week and will let you know how i like it.

Happy biking.


Well, that's why there are so many different makes and models - something for everyone. A shame you started out with a bike that didn't suit your needs, but it's good that you have refined your requirements.

After (almost) two weeks and about 100 miles I am super happy with my choice - and having just now looked up the Stromer ST3, I can see that would be a poor fit for my own usage, so I'm not surprised you wouldn't be happy with the Embark. Good luck.