New problem with my Flykly wheel


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Hello all. My wheel stopped working.

Have just e-mailed Flykly:


I was a backer for the flykly smart wheel. I have gone 60 miles so far. Before the weekend the wheel stopped working following the chain falling off then me putting back on again - it fell of as I was going up hill.

The symptoms are:
Not showing the Blue LED when I plug it into charge.
No power assist when I am cycling. No power decrease when I peddle backwards.
Strangely when plugged in it does give a bluetooth signal. If I set my iphone to forget the wheel then it shows back up and can connect to it. Within the bitride app it gives a 'communication error' message and suggests disconnecting and reconnecting (this has no improvement).
The wheel still can be used as a basic wheel and works fine for this.

Is there anything more I can do to resolve the issue? Let me know it there is any more info that you need to help diagnose the problem.

Best Wishes,

- will let you know how I get on.


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Hi LdnJon,

I'm sorry to hear about that. My own wheel failed right away (I posted about that in this thread) and I had to send it back to them for repair. The process was a bit slow (several days of back-and-forth messages attempting to diagnose the issue, and about a month for the actual repair and shipping back) but in the end I got a working wheel. The issues you describe definitely don't sound normal, so I suppose getting in touch with FlyKly support was the right thing to do, especially since the whole repair / replacement process can take a while.

Good luck and keep us posted!


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I didn't get any reply at the initial submission of the form on their website. Then I failed to follow it up.

Have just reposted it to the form on their website again and also on their facebook wall.

Will let you know...



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I emailed again with their form and also posted it to their facebook page and got a reply yesterday.

Their reply looks like this:

Sorry to hear your FlyKly isnt flying!

Please tell me
1) the email address you have registered your wheel in bitride with
2) the kind of mobile device you are using to connect to your SmartWheel
3) what kind of lights and colors you see on the charger and hub
4) a photo of the charging connector of your SmartWheel

Thanks in advance!

Stay Fly,

I then got my bike to get the info, plugged it in and it worked! Just been for a cycle and it seemed to be fine - connects to the app with no problems (well except the usual ones of range)

Hopefully problem solved.


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Glad to hear it's working, but I suspect the issue might resurface later on. Hopefully their new focus on improving customer service will make such occurrences less stressful for owners.


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I have the same problem but didn't solve it yet.

I turn the smartwheel on as per their video.
The led turns blu (but it doesn't flickr, it is a steady blue light).
I go into my smartphone bluetooth settings, it finds the smartwheel i try to associate it but it keeps telling me that i cannot communicate with the smartwheel.
When the smartphone tells me it is impossible to communicate, the blue led turns off.
It looks like, for some reason, everytime i try to connect the blue led shuts off.
I rebooted my smartphone but still the same problem.
The only difference i noticed from the video is that my led is steady while on the video it is blinking.
Can you please help me? I am going nuts!
Is there some kind of factory default procedure for the wheel?