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Cool. As of 5:30pm pdt today, Google Maps says it's around 50 minutes to drive from Seattle to Edmonds (average speed 21.6 mph), so you're not really losing that much time on the electric bike (average speed 14.4 mph), and you probably aren't sitting in traffic most of the way home.


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Sorry to beat an old thread to death here but @Chris Ransom please do tell us what headlight that is! It looks nice and anything brighter than the stock light would be very welcome.


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I had a similar experience getting my radrover assembled. I took it to my local ebike shop and the owner was a bit annoyed that I didnt buy an ebike from them or that I brought in a brand that they didnt sell. The owner also mentioned to me that the Radpower bikes have quite a bit of problems (I havent had any major issues). They then took out my radrover for a test drive and came back with a nail in my rear tire of my brand new bike :'(
I did get a new kenda pro from them.

The experience at the second bike shop closer to my house was even worse than the first. The service tech began with complaining about ebikes and then saying all ebikes should be banned from local trails and that ebikes cause ruckus... i went in for a simple tire liner installation and he began to grab tools to take off the rear wheel. Grabbing a wrench and smacking it against the lug nut and saying "this doesnt fit", then grabbing another wrench and doing the same. I told him to get my bike down and I left never to return to the place. The store manager eventually called me to apologize.

I have never received so much attention and interests (good and bad) from owning a bike before. My Radrover is a star where ever I go. It even got a co worker to purchase an e bike. I love everything about my Rad! I just hope Radpower bikes make another bike soon :)